Survey: More than 70% casino players to stop visiting local casinos. Here’s why

Singapore – Local independent research consultancy, Blackbox Research has conducted a survey with 5000 casino goers. Out of all the survey participants, 3500 stated that they will not return to the casinos even if the pandemic situation is in control, and will continue playing on reliable online casinos instead.

According to the survey breakdown, the reasons are – High casino entry levy (37.8%), unreasonable fines and entry prohibition (34.1%), and better bonuses and perks playing online (28.1%).

“Most of the survey participants (37.1%) pointed out that the entry levy for casino has been increasing every year. As of now, the entry levy is SGD 150, which is the main reason why players stop going to the casinos.”

In addition, 34.1% claimed that they have been fined for no particular reason and were banned from entering the casino for a period of time. Many had won prizes worth 4 to 6 figures from the casinos before they were fined and banned.

Among the same group of people, 75% disclosed that they joined online casinos as an alternative after being banned from entering the casinos, and the go-to online casino is local platform, Maxim88.

“Those who joined Maxim88 and won 4 to 5-figure cash prizes did not have the same problems as they did with Genting and MBS. Some players have successfully cashed out over SGD100,000 from the platform. Many complimented the Maxim88 customer service for its professionalism. The platform is also known for releasing players’ winnings within 10 minutes.”

As for the 28.1% of survey participants who shifted to online casinos because of the better bonuses and perks explained that land-based casinos are far behind when it comes to incentives. On top of the seasonal giveaways during festive seasons, online casinos are also constantly launching various promotional activities with generous bonuses and cash prizes.

Apparently, Maxim88 is currently the online casino platform with the best discounts. This platform has received an increased amount of attention after announcing its exclusive collaboration with European game provider, Evolution Gaming. Maxim88 is also one of the first online casinos in Asia to accept cryptocurrencies. Following the collaboration and cryptocurrency launch, Maxim88 having a series of unique promotions including the “Maxim88 Weekly Lucky Draw

Many players have benefitted from the promotions. Among all, a player named Liu has become the biggest winner, winning SGD 46,791 after receiving the SGD 288 cash bonus. He then shared on social media that he never expected to be able to win so much more from online casinos compared to land-based casinos.

“It’s unbelievable. I can’t believe that my first SGD 40 thousand win is from an online casino,” Liu said. “Not only does Maxim88 has a high win rate, but also better offers and services. I got all my winnings within 10 minutes, which is really fast. With the virus still being a major issue, I think I’ll just stay at home and continue playing online.”