How This Bt Timah Girl To Guarantee Win in Baccarat?

SINGAPORE: A Malaysian used ChatGPT to crack baccarat and made SGD331,580 from it. The young woman, Joan, lives alone in the center of Singapore – Bukit Timah. Due to the current economic situation, the cost of living is increasing every day. To make matters worse, she is about to be laid off and is struggling to make ends meet. One day, when she was browsing social media, she accidentally discovered the rise of AI- ChatGPT. Her curiosity was piqued and she decided to ask various questions to explore how ChatGPT works.

“When everyone is worried that ChatGPT will replace their jobs, I seized the opportunity to make money from online casinos through ChatGPT,” Joan said.

Image: ChatGPT explaining how Martingale Strategy work

“I have been trying different ways of questioning to find a winning strategy for baccarat until CHATGPT gave the answer, which is the Martingale strategy. This is a very simple strategy that everyone can do. What we need to do is to prepare enough capital and find a reputable online platform to start. I prepared SGD2,000 as my capital and then looked for a reputable and legal online casino.”

Some netizens questioned her method and asked why she took the risk of playing online instead of going to a land based casino. Here is her response: “Some netizens asked me why I didn’t go to Sentosa to try. Actually, I don’t have the extra time to specifically drive to Genting. I am also not sure whether Sentosa allows me to use the Martingale strategy on their baccarat table because this is a winning strategy.” Joan said, “I tried to do research on ChatGPT and find out who is the safest and most reputable online casino in Singapore. The answer I got is ‘Maxim88‘.”

Image 2: ChatGPT Recommed Trusted Online Oasino in Singapore

“Surprisingly, I learned about this brand from Michael Owen last year. I may not be a football fan or a loyal supporter, but I follow my favorite Liverpool team, which accompanies me during my night shift work. Yes, I really like Michael Owen,” Joan said. She explained how she learned about Maxim88 through her favorite superstar Michael Owen’s endorsement. Therefore, when she saw the answer from ChatGPT, she was not surprised. To further investigate, she tried to ask friends who play online casinos.

Joan found that most friends actually play on Maxim88, and they have nothing but good things to say about the platform. Joan said, “The biggest key factor for me to choose Maxim88 is that the platform is the exclusive partner of Evolution Gaming. To verify this, I registered an account with Maxim88. As ChatGPT mentioned, I found Maxim88 tables and VIP Salon Prive tables.” Based on her research and findings, Evolution Gaming is the world’s largest live entertainment casino game, and only highly reputable online casinos can become partners.

A screenshot by Joan : Maxim88 Evolution Gaming Dedicated Baccarat Table

Joan showed her bank statement. She has withdrawn SGD331,580 within a month.

Joan's Bank Statement Proof

Reporter Wu later contacted one of the responsible persons of Maxim88, President Yun: “We are happy to have players winning money on our platform and encourage players to use the Martingale strategy because our profit system is not from players’ losses, but when we bring more players to the game, the game will give more commission. Therefore, if players are profitable on our platform, members will definitely recommend their friends to join the Maxim88 platform.

Yun also mentioned: “Since the beginning of the year, more than 300,000 players have migrated to Maxim88 from other platforms, and we also offer a first deposit bonus of up to 225% to reward our players.”

Joan’s success story reminds us that with the right strategy and a reputable platform, online casinos can be a source of income. Stay tuned for more exciting news and success stories. 

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SINGAPORE: A compact, quicker version of basketball is gaining momentum in Singapore, with a mounting fan base among both professional and amateur players.

“3×3 basketball has a much faster game pace. It is thrilling, and there isn’t much time to think,” said national player Ng Shi Yu..

A player shoots at the hoop during a 3x3 basketball game in Singapore.

The Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS), the nation’s governing body for the sport, wants a shot at qualifying for the 2032 Olympic Games in this discipline.

To attract more players and give them experience in the arena, those in Singapore’s basketball fraternity are organising grassroots and international tournaments, and scouting for coaches.


The Basketball Association has set its sights on the Brisbane 2032 Summer Olympics, giving the nation about nine years to get a team ready.

Its coaching and development chairman Allen Lee believes the country has what it takes.

“There is a lot of potential in 3×3 basketball. It really boils down to how much training you have, and how you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents,” said Mr Lee.

“We do know the formula in terms of how we can actually (qualify) … Singapore stands a very good chance if we are able to put in more resources.”

To bring in new blood and drum up enthusiasm for the game, sport organisations are looking at more community 3×3 tournaments.

“Competitions are a main draw. Because nobody likes to just train, right? You want to compete. You want to test out your skills as a team, as an individual,” said Mr Marcus Tan, chief of the sport development group at Sport Singapore (SportSG).

“The 3×3 discipline is a very hyped and fast-paced game, which we strongly believe will attract the younger players. So yes, we will be running a lot more grassroots-based community competitions to encourage more people to participate in this sport.”