Winning is not compensated! The man won the “Toto Red Envelope” but was not awarded the prize? Can Toto still believe it?

NST – Toto shamelessly refused to pay their Hong Bao Draw winner! A 48-year-old man from Punggol, Liang, posted a photo on his social media at around midnight on March 12 to congratulate his good friend who was lucky enough to be one of the winners in Toto’s S$16 million Hong Bao Draw. However, in less than a day, Mr. Liang was forced to delete the post.

“My friend sent me a photo of a lottery ticket at midnight on March 12 and told me that he won a share of a S$16 million jackpot. I was so happy for him and decided to upload the photo he sent to Facebook,” said Mr. Liang.

However, on the day his friend went to claim the prize at a Toto retailer, he was told by the staff that his ticket was stained and the number on it was unclear. Toto then declared that his lottery ticket was void. Even though he showed the photo Mr. Liang uploaded to Facebook as evidence, the staff still refused to pay out the money for the reason that the photo could be forged.

Mr. Liang’s post on Facebook

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