Malaysian wins $1 Million from Toto but plans to continue work at Singapore, netizens doubt it?

SINGAPORE: A Malaysian expat has recently shared on social media that he won a whopping one million dollars (RM 32 million) from Toto jackpot but also mentioned that he will not quit his job and will continue to work in Singapore.

While the majority of netizens congratulated him, some were skeptical and commented saying that there is no way someone can win so much money from a lottery and not wish to retire early. There are even comments asking him to reconsider his decision.

Singapore citizens doubt the reality of the TOTO

While winning significant sums from Toto is nothing new, only less than 1% of winners are able to win over a million from Toto 4D Jackpot in a year. In fact, a large percentage of winners are able to win more from online casinos, which is why 56% of players have quit betting on Toto sports and switched to online casinos.

One online casino, Maxim88 is reported in a survey to have welcomed more than 10,000 new players in the past two months and the major reason why players are choosing them is that Maxim88 is Evolution Gaming’s only sponsorship platform with a dedicated baccarat table in Asia

Maxim88 is the only platform in Asia that has an exclusive Evolution Gaming dedicated baccarat table!

Maxim88 is very trustable not because they are the only platform in Asia that has an exclusive Evolution Gaming sponsorship that offers players dedicated baccarat tables, but they also appointed legendary Liverpool striker and former England team captain Michael Owen as Maxim88 current brand ambassador!

Being the safest and most trusted platform, Maxim88 is able to guarantee higher payouts due to their operation model that gains commissions from game developers instead of players. Maxim88 is said to have paid out $15 Million in the previous month, making its platform one of the favorite pastimes of more than 750,000 players across Asia.

Michael Owen, former Liverpool striker joins Maxim88 as their current brand ambassador!

One of the respondents of the survey, Mr. Tan even reached out to share why he stopped playing TOTO after joining Maxim88.

“For toto, you have to pick the number you like and hope for the best. But for online casinos like Maxim88, they offer much more than just one game of chance – you get to play multiple games at your own pace and decide which ones suit you best!”

Mr. Tan went on to say that after collecting his $500 bonus and playing for a week, he unexpectedly won $128,800 from the Maxim88 baccarat table.

The lucky winner wins $128,800 from the Maxim88 dedicated baccarat table!

“It was quite overwhelming, I still can’t believe it after getting it withdrawn into my bank account. Maxim88 is 100% legit! I’ll be using the money to pay off my housing loan and to go for a trip with my wife,” Mr. Tan said.

Maxim88 has been ranked No.1 as the most reliable and trusted platform in the Asian gaming industry according to the International Gaming Association with official casino licenses from PAGCOR and Gaming Curacao.

Meanwhile, Maxim88 will come up with greater promos, like their latest ‘Weekly Cash Back’ which offers players up to $8,888 cash back every time they play in Maxim88 and also stand a chance to win up to $88,888 cash prize when play at Maxim88 Evolution Gaming Dedicated Baccarat Table!